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Without the PR system with 5% cut off point, parties such as the JVP, ITAK, SLMC, CWC, PLOTE, and other parties would not have obtained on their own the numbers of legislative seats – even one or two at times — they did in the elections held in and after 1989. Its benefits went to new political entities that emerged from Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim and Plantation ethnic communities.

We computed the allocation of parliamentary seats by party.


In Jaffna, the AITC party just made it to the 5% cutoff by 8 votes. If they had got 8 less votes, the seat allocation shall have changed to ITAK 6, EPDP -1 with UNP losing its seat


Seat allocation calculated for following coalition



Could have gotten 4 more seats with UPFA losing 4 seats losing Anuradhapura, Kaluthara and Kurunegala districts. UPFA loses one more seat from Kandy district. Final Allocation UNF + JVP- 116, UPFA- 91, ITAK- 16 SLMC- 1, EPDP- 1


Seat allocation calculated for following coalition



This coalition loses a seat and UPFA gains that seat. The Seat of SLMC in Batticalo would go to UPFA. Final Allocation UNF + SLMC + ACMC- 106, UPFA- 96, JVP- 6, ITAK- 16, EPDP- 1.


Seat allocation calculated for following coalition



Could have gotten one more seat with UNF losing one seat. The Seat obtained by UNF in Jaffna District would go to this coalition. Final Allocation UNF- 105, UPFA- 95, JVP- 6, ITAK + AITC + TULF- 17, EPDP- 1.

Percentages of votes obtained by the parties

All Island- Per Sub Districts

















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